GWE Compliance’s comprehensive Home Services Plumbing & Heating Report has been specially designed for complete peace of mind when buying or selling a property.

In line with standard advice on house surveys, our Home Services Report checks the visual and functional condition of gas, heating, Cold & Hot Water plumbing installations, so you are reassured – or forewarned – before buying or selling a property.

The GWE Compliance Home Services Report package includes a written report, detailing any defects and advised remedial work.

Where applicable, tests will include:

  • Visual inspection of cold water storage tanks to check condition, design and quality & temperature of stored cold water.
  • Visual inspection of all faucets and shower heads to check for signs of legionella and correct function.
  • Visual inspection of exposed hot and cold water pipework to determine length, insulation and correct installation.
  • Visual inspection on hot water cylinder to determine design, compliance with building regulations part L, suitability and correct function including time and temperature control.
  • Measure temperature of hot and cold water at all outlets and time taken to reach desired temperature
  • Check gas and water service pipe electrical cross bonding including correct positioning, fitting and type of cable

  • Water sample taken from Central Heating system to check for build up of sludge, scale or corrosion which reduce the efficiency and performance of heating system.
  • Checks on Central Heating time and temperature control to determine compliance with building regulation part L and energy efficiency.
  • Visual inspection of gas boiler to determine compliance with regulation 26.9 GSIUR 1998
  • A full boiler service including checks on all safety devices, gas pressure, flue construction, route and installation, efficiency rating, flue gas emissions, gas rate, burner picture, condition of internal components, condition of seals, signs of CO leaks, signs of water leaks and correct operation.
  • Visual inspection of gas meter, emergency control valve and gas pipe installation & route including use of correct fixtures and fittings
  • Gas tightness test to check for any gas leaks.

0-2 Bedroom House

Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm
  • Weekend price: £247

3-4 Bedroom House

Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm
  • Weekend price: £287

4+ Bedrooms

Monday - Friday, 7am-5pm
  • Weekend price: £337

After the comprehensive inspection has been completed your engineer will leave you with two certificates, a Legionella risk assessment and Gas safety certificate detailing all findings, risk level and any recommended improvements or upgrades along with an estimated timeframe and costing for all the works to be completed

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As well as being suitably experienced and Gas Safe registered, our engineers are fully insured and undergo annual CRB checks, so you're in safe hands.


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Our engineers are trained to carry all work in the most efficient ways possible, utilising industry-leading modern technologies and providing digital job reports and certificates.


We're trusted

With over 20 years experience delivering various domestic and commercial projects, and a first-class reputation for delivering quality, our team is trusted by many and always provides the best service.

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