Manufacturers, Gas Safe and the HSE recommend, to ensure safety and efficiency all gas appliances should be serviced at least once every twelve months.

In many cases your boiler guarantee or home insurance could be void if you do not keep an accurate record of when and who serviced your gas appliances.

At GWE Compliance we understand that, like our customers, each heating system is unique, thats why we’ve developed 3 service levels so you’re sure to find the right fit for you.

Each service comes with a digital record and completion of your service record in the manufacturers instruction booklet.

Option 1: Safety essentials

The safety essentials option was designed for customers who want that peace of mind and reassurance that their boiler is operating safely and not presenting any potential or immediate danger to themselves and/or property.

The safety essentials service includes:

  • Checks on the flue(s) externally and internally
  • Visual inspection of appliance and flame picture to look for signs of Carbon Monoxide leaks
  • Check the burner pressure and / or heat input
  • Check safety devices
  • Inspect seals and advise if replacements are needed ( extra charge applicable if seals need to be replaced )
  • Combustion reading of boiler emissions

Option 2: Manufacturer service

The Manufacturer service is for customers who want to assure the efficiency and prolong the lifespan of their boiler whilst also ensuring the appliance is operating safely and not presenting any danger. As the name suggests the manufacturer service is recommended by manufacturers and will incorporate all the suggested checks in the manufacturers service Instructions.

All the checks in option 1, plus :

  • Initial combustion reading of boiler emissions
  • Remove the boiler casing and inspect for water leaks
  • Inspect all inner seals including burner and combustion chamber door seals
  • Check working pressure at boiler
  • Clean all functional parts with in the boiler
  • Check the condensate trap/sump is clear of blockages
  • Check the condense discharge pipe is clear and terminated properly
  • Fuse safety checks
  • Final combustion reading
  • Note : if seals need to be replaced a charge of £20 may be applicable

Option 3: Warranty protect service

The warranty protection service is designed for customers who have recently had a new boiler installed which may have come with a manufacturer warranty and you want to ensure as well as being safe and efficient your manufacturer warranty stays valid for it entirety. It’s also a good choice for customers with older boilers who may have forgotten to have their appliance serviced over the years and customers who want to make sure the system isn’t hiding any nasty surprises.   

The warranty protection service is more than a boiler service, it’s a complete central heating health check that ensures EVERYTHING is in good working order and things like Magnatite deposits in the heating  do not develop to such quantities that your manufacturer warranty becomes void.

As well as everything in options 1 & 2, you also get:

  • Check working pressure at boiler
  • Check working pressure at gas meter
  • Check central heating and hot water controls are working
  • Replace batteries in wireless controls
  • Clean magnetic filter
  • Check radiators are heating properly
  • Balance the heating system for even heat distribution
  • Partially drain the system and check PH and magnatite levels of heating water
  • Partially drain boiler and perform turbidity test for water quality
  • Add inhibitor to slow down the corrosion inside the pipework which leads to magnatite
  • Check for any leaks on the heating system
  • Bleed radiators where needed
  • Check any external components such as pumps or zone valves
  • Check the hot water cylinder, where applicable
  • Check header tanks where applicable

1 Gas Boiler

Monday to Friday 7am - 5pm
  • Weekend price: £130

2 Gas Boilers

Monday to Friday 7am - 5pm
  • Weekend price: £200

Replace seals & gaskets

Monday to Friday 7am - 5pm
  • Weekend price: £25

Why GWE Compliance?


We're safe

As well as being suitably experienced and Gas Safe registered, our engineers are fully insured and undergo annual CRB checks, so you're in safe hands.


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Our engineers are trained to carry all work in the most efficient ways possible, utilising industry-leading modern technologies and providing digital job reports and certificates.


We're trusted

With over 20 years experience delivering various domestic and commercial projects, and a first-class reputation for delivering quality, our team is trusted by many and always provides the best service.

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